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Product Name: Sodium Humate
Preferred Unit price : USD 1 - 9999 Piece
Estimated Min. Order : 1 Piece
Preferred Location : China (mainland) - ZHEJIANG - HANGZHOU
Post Date: 2019/03/26
Expired Time: 2019/04/25
Product Specifications /Features:

Product Description Sodium humate is made of Humic acid with sodium salt, is non-toxic, and odorless brown black powder  or grain. It is natual high molecular aromatic polymer with reactive groups(chelation,complexing, ion  exchange).   Product Specification ITEMS STANDARDS Product Name Sodium Humate Appearance Black shiny flake/powder/granule Water Solubility 98%min Moisture 15%max Particle Size / PH Value 8-9 Active Content Humic acid: 65%min   Product Benefits 1. Plasticizer of ceramics 2. Water purification 3. Feed additives 4. Used in medicine, dirty-removing, water-increasing agent of werll slurry, water reducing    agent of concrete, water treatment agent, softening agent of water, ion exchange agent,    soil modifier, plant growth regulator and animal remedy   Packing: Woven bag or paper bag with liner. According to customers’ demand.