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Product Name: Tea Seed Meal powder/ flake/ granule/pellet
Preferred Unit price : USD 1 - 9999 Piece
Estimated Min. Order : 1 Piece
Preferred Location : China (mainland) - ZHEJIANG - HANGZHOU
Post Date: 2019/03/26
Expired Time: 2019/04/25
Product Specifications /Features:

The application area: Specification 1. Appearance: brown granular and powder with no straw 2. Tea saponin≥12.0% 3. Moisture≤10.0% 4. Remnant Oil≤5% 5. Packing: packed in PP woven bags, 10kgs/bag, 25kgs/bag, 50kgs/bag, 6. Shelf life: 10 months if stored in cool and dry place   Usage & Dosage 1. Extensively used in rice field to kill apple snail, golden apple snail, Amazonian snail(pomacea canaliculata spix). 2. Extensively usd in shrimp farming to eliminate predatory fishes in the fish and shrimp ponds. Help shrimps take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps.Detoxify quickly in water and are not injurious to cattle and people who may use the water. Leave no cumulative adverse residues, and it is readily available, economical to use. 3. Used to kill snail and earthworm in vegetable field, in flower field and golf court.