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Product Name: Amino Acid, Compound Amino acid
Preferred Unit price : USD 1 - 9999 Piece
Estimated Min. Order : 1 Piece
Preferred Location : China (mainland) - ZHEJIANG - HANGZHOU
Post Date: 2019/03/26
Expired Time: 2019/04/25
Product Specifications /Features:

Product Description Our compound amino acid powder contain organic nitrogen and in-organic nitrogen,  which not only can be used as raw materials for foliar fertilizer but also can be apply  on the crops as water flush fertilizer, ground fertilizer and basic fertilizer. Product Specification Contact us to know more. Product Benefits 1. Help to increase chlorophyll concentration which makes crops lush. 2. Help plants improve absorption of macro and trace nutrients through favoring the    opening of stomas. 3. As chelating agents help the absorption and transportation of micro-nutrients inside the    plant getting easier 4. As equilibrium of soil microbial flora to improve mineralization of the organic matter.   Packing: Woven bag or paper bag with liner. According to customers’ demand.  Tea seed meal series is a kind of residue of camellia seeds after extraction oil. They are organic fertilizer which has varieties of applications especially in agriculture areas. We employ technologists to make different kinds of tea seed meal. It is included tea seed powder, tea seed pellet, tea seed meal with straw, tea seed meal without straw and tea seed flake. They have the same usage in application but different appearance and specification.