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Product Name: Mancozeb
Preferred Unit price : USD 1 - 9999 Piece
Estimated Min. Order : 1 Piece
Preferred Location : China (mainland) - ZHEJIANG - HANGZHOU
Post Date: 2019/03/26
Expired Time: 2019/04/25
Product Specifications /Features:

Product Name: Mancozeb Content&formulation:90%TC ;85%WP;80%WP CAS No.: 8018-01-7, Specification for Mancozeb 85% TC ITEMS STANDARDS Appearance Daffodil yellow to light yellow powder Content of a.i. ≥85% Water ≤1.5% Manganese ≥20% Zinc ≥2.0%   Product Benefits Control of many fungal diseases in a wide range of field crops, fruit, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, etc. More frequent uses include control of early and late blights (Phytophthora infestans and Alternaria solani) of potatoes and tomatoes; downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) and black rot (Guignardia bidwellii) of vines; downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis) of cucurbits; scab (Venturia inaequalis) of apple; sigatoka (Mycosphaerella spp.) of banana and melanose (Diaporthe citri) of citrus. Typical application rates are 1500-2000 g/ha. Used for foliar application or as a seed treatment. Packing: 25KGS Bag or according to customers’ demand.

Matched Suppliers:
Company Name Business Type Place of Origin Matched Date
  S *** Manufacture   China (mainland) 2019/03/26
  T *** Export, Manufacture   China (mainland) 2019/03/26