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Product Name: HZ-130Y Hydraulic rotary drilling rig water well drilling machine
Preferred Unit price : USD 5000 - 5300 Piece
Estimated Min. Order : 1 Piece
Annual Purchase Volume: 15 Pieces
Preferred Location : China (mainland)
Post Date: 2019/02/21
Expired Time: 2019/03/23
Product Specifications /Features:

1. Applications of HZ-130Y Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig geological survey and exploration, basic exploration for roads high-rise buildings, inspection holes for various concrete structures, river embankments grouting holes direct grouting, civil water well ground temperature central air conditioners. 2.Features of HZ-130Y Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig Hoist installation holder, forming structure of double support wheel, can withstand strong impact. Four groups of bearings are positioned in the vertical shaft box to ensure that the gyration is rigid enough to cope with the complex geological conditions such as the gravel layer and the pebble layer. This machine adopts the conical clutch of national patent technology, which has the characteristics of large transmission torque, convenient operation and no maintenance required. Using 53*59 hexagon active drill rod, which has strong rigidity and large torque transmission 3.Specifications of HZ-130Y Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig HZ-130Y Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig Drilling depth 130m Maximum open hole caliber 220mm End hole caliber 75mm Drill rod caliber 50mm Drilling angle 90-75° Drill weight (Not include power) 750kg Spindle  Spindle speed 142 285 570r/min Spindle stroke 450mm Hoist  Max.single line hoisting capacity 1600kg Single line lifting speed 0.41/0.82/1.64m/s Drum diameter 140mm Wire rope diameter 13mm Tightrope caliber 27m Mud pump Type Horizontal single urn twin-action Electric motor 95/77 l/min Maximum pressure 1.2mpa Work pressure 0.7mpa Water inlet caliber 30mm Water to exit caliber 20mm Triangle conveyer belt B1575mm Shandong Master Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. Sales Manager:Ruby Chen Wechat:18865479510 Whatsapp:0086 18865479510 QQ:3048400352 Sales hotline:0086 18865479510 Tel: 0086-537-2335787 Website: www.huaxiamaster.com