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Product Name: GRI-Allesets Ring Basin Liner
Preferred Unit price : USD 0 - 10 Box
Estimated Min. Order : 1000 Bags
Preferred Location : China (mainland) - ANHUI
Post Date: 2019/02/05
Expired Time: 2019/03/07
Product Specifications /Features:

GRI-Allesets Ring Basin Liner is the perfect solution for replacing disposable ring basins, or eliminating the reprocessing of reusable ring basins. Reduces Reprocessing, Waste & Storage ? Eliminates the acquisition expense and reprocessing of stainless steel ring basins. ? Reduces plastic resin requirement by 20% when compared to disposable ring basins. ? Requires only 19% of the sterile packaging as compared to single, sterile disposable ring basins. ? Requires only 15% of the storage space when compared to single, sterile ring basins.